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[2019] Yvonne Ou

Speciality Wine
FromHong Kong
CompanyMWM Wine School
PositionWine Educator

Yvonne has been imbibing in various forms of alcohol since her university days in Scotland but it was not until the past few years having taken WSET courses that she appreciates the extensive flavors of wines from various regions around the world. This journey has led her from the path of an avid drinker to what is now bordering onto nerdy wine consumption; constantly on the look-out for interesting wine styles along with the realization that the more one learns the more one does not know. She hopes she can show others the fun and enjoyment that is the world of wines through MWM courses.

[2019] Yvonne  Ou

"I hope to combine my WSET knowledge as an educator with my passion for wines as a consumer and be able to contribute new perspectives to the panel.”

“I look forward to the interaction with other judges and learning about the scoring processes and how to reconcile individual standards in order to achieve fair and objective results.”

“The HKIWSC helps to set the standard for quality wines, especially aimed at the Asian palate. This helps both consumers in their choice of wines and also producers in the navigation of the Asian wine scene."