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Cathay Pacific HK IWSC judge Subhash Arora wins OIV

Subhash Arora, President of Indian Wine Academy and Editor of delWine, India’s first online magazine on wine, food and hospitality, becomes the first and only Indian being awarded the prestigious Mérite de l’OIV (OIV Merit) honour by the Paris- based organisation in recognition of his service in the international vine and wine sector, according to a message received from the premier inter-governmental organisation. 
‘Cav. Subhash Arora, It is an honour and pleasure to me to inform you today that upon proposal of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the International organisation of vine and wine the OIV Executive Committee has decided to give you the "OlV Merit" award in due recognition of your activity within the international vine and wine sector,’ reads the citation letter from Mr. Federico Castellucci, Director General of OIV. 
‘This is the most distinguished award for vitiviniculture scientists and experts and professionals by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine and is given for due recognition of outstanding activities within the international vine and wine sector, including, but not limiting to scientific and technical research, product safety and quality, conditions for producing and marketing vine and wine products, innovation, the dissemination of the results thereof and the general development of the international vitivinicultural sector and diffusion of wine culture and civilization.’ 
The official award presentation will be made on the occasion of the forthcoming 9th General Assembly of the OIV and the 34th World Conference on Vine and Wine in Porto, Portugal on Friday 24th June, 2011. Mme Marie-Christine Tarby-Maire (France), H.E. Mr František Lipka (Slovakia), M. Fernando Bianchi de Aguiar (Portugal) and Tony Spawton (Australia) are the other recipients of the honour this year. 
As the message from OIV reveals, ‘throughout the history of the OIV, there have been unique individuals who have devoted time and effort to the Organisation beyond what was expected contributing to the growth and success of OIV. Consequently, the OIV Technical and Scientific Committee (CST) each year looks to identify those unique individuals and recognize their distinguished work by giving them the «Mérite de l’OIV», the “OIV Merit.” 
The Award is historical and achieves more significance for India as Arora is the first and only Indian to have been given the distinguished award by the international body with a 90-year history. ‘I am on cloud nine- without a drop of wine. I believe the Award is also for India-a country that will become a prominent global wine player during the next decades,’ says an elated Arora. 
This international rendezvous to be held on June 20-27 aims to gather researchers, oenologists and professionals in order to discuss not only the different aspects of the science and the production of wine, but also other related themes including wine trade, social development, city planning, architecture and wine tourism. It may be extremely useful for viticulturists, wine producers, consultants and those promoting wine tourism. 
OIV is a Paris-based UN type of international inter-governmental organisation of a scientific and technical nature. It is well recognized for its competence in its work concerning vine and wine, wine-based beverages, table grapes, raisins and other vine-based products. The scientific and technical information in these areas is freely shared with all the members. At present, there are 44 Member States, with practically all wine producing nations as members through their respective governments. 
This is not the first international award for Subhash Arora who travels extensively within Indian and overseas - judging at various international wine competitions, visiting vineyards and wineries and sharing his experiences to educate wine lovers in an informal and subtle style. He was knighted by the President of Italy in 2009 for his meritorious work in promoting wine culture in India and in particular helping the Italian producers in the Indian market. He was bestowed the title of ‘Cavaliere’. Known for his bold, topical and objective reporting in delWine and other media and as a passionate promoter of wine culture he is often regarded as a ‘Wine Warrior’ and ‘Wine Evangelist’ but he is equally happy being known simply as ‘Wine Guy’ from India. 
Arora was also nominated for the ‘Best International Wine Journalist Award’ last year by Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia, an association of Italian Quality wine producers. He has been nominated once again for the same award in 2011. The Award will be announced during Vinitaly at a special Gala Dinner to be organised by the Comitato on April 8, which he plans to attend. 
For more info on the OIV Conference and for Registration, please visit OIV World Vine and Wine Conference in Portugal
Cathay Pacific HK IWSC judge Subhash Arora wins OIV