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Terms and Conditions

Hong Kong International Wine And Spirit Competition Limited

1. Definitions and Interpretation.

1.1 In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise permits, the following words shall have the following meaning:-

“Agent” shall mean an appointed forwarding agent of HK IWSC as detailed on the website.

“Business Days” shall mean a day (other than a Saturday or a Sunday) when Banks in Hong Kong are open for business.

“Classes” shall mean Trophy, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

“Competition” shall mean the annual Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition held by the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition Limited.

“Data” shall mean all information recorded upon the Entry Form by the Entrant.

“Depot” shall mean the Agent’s Depot local to the Entrant as detailed in the Website.

“Entrant” shall mean the producer/importer/retailer/marketer of the Entry.

“Entry/Entries” shall mean the Wines and Spirits entered into the Competition by the Entrant.

“Entry Fee” shall mean the appropriate entry fee as set out in the website.

“Entry Form” shall mean the Competition application form contained on the website

“HK IWSC” shall mean Hong Kong International Wines and Spirit Competition Limited.

“HK IWSC's Bank Account” shall mean the bank account held by IWSC details of which are contained in the invoice.

“Legal Information” (for Entries produced in the EU) shall mean the information required to be included upon labels for wines and spirits in conformity with EU Legislation.

“Legal Information” (for Entries produced outside the EU) shall mean the name and address of the producer, the alcohol content, the volume and the contents of the Entry.

“Marketing Strategy” shall mean the HK IWSC's marketing and advertising strategy from time to time.

“T&Cs” shall mean these Terms and Conditions.

“Website” shall mean

“Winners Marketing Package” shall mean the separate package which can be purchased by Competition winners from HK IWSC.

1.2 The section headings are included for convenience only, and have no legal effect.
1.3. References to sections are references to sections of these T&Cs.
1.4 Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa.
1.5 These T&Cs, and the Entrant’s completed Entry Form set out the entire agreement between the Entrant and HK IWSC in respect of the Entrant’s participation in the Competition and in the event of any conflict between them, these T&Cs shall prevail.
1.6 By completing the online entry form for the HK IWSC, the Entrant agrees to be bound by these T&Cs.

2. Application Process

2.1 The Entrant must enter the Competition by submitting an Entry Form to the HK IWSC, paying the Entry Fee and delivering the Entries to the agreed location in accordance with section 5.
2.2 The Entry Form must be completed on-line by logging onto the Website, and submitted to the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong IWSC on-line. HK IWSC will not accept any liability for any undelivered Entry Forms.
2.3 The Entrant must retain at least one copy of the Entry Form for the purposes of section 5.7.

3. The Entries

3.1 Entries will only be accepted if they are produced in commercial quantities and are of sound marketable quality from a commercial batch.
3.2 All Entries must be finished and in their final container and sealed with the final seal.
3.3 Temporary labels may be applied to the final container but must include Legal Information and lot numbers.
3.4 Entries must not contain any illegal additives.
3.5 Tank samples will not be accepted as Entries into the Competition.
3.6 In the event that the Entrant is not the producer of the Entries, the Entrant warrants that it has all necessary consents and permissions to enter the Entry into the Competition. The Entrant will indemnify the HK IWSC for any claims which arise as a result of the Entrant submitting an Entry which it does not have the authority to submit.

4. Payment

4.1 For Entries submitted through our website, the Entry Fee must be paid on-line, by credit card.
4.2 Where an Entrant is unable to make payment of the Entry Fee without an invoice, the Entrant may request an invoice from HK IWSC. HK IWSC may decline to accept a request for an invoice.
4.3 Where HK IWSC decline to accept a request for an invoice, the Entrant must make payment of the Entry Fee by one of the payment methods stated in section 4.1
4.4 Entry Fee payments must clear into IWSC’s Bank Account before the Entry in respect of which the Entry Fee has been paid, will be judged.
4.5 No refund or credit of an Entry Fee will be given in any circumstances, including but not limited to circumstances in which an Entry is disqualified, withdrawn, lost or damaged or does not arrive in time.

5. Delivery, Risk and Title

5.1 It is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the Entries are delivered to the HK IWSC storage facility in accordance with the deadlines detailed in the website.
5.2 The Entrant may deliver the Entries directly to HK IWSC storage facility.
5.3 Number of samples per Entry are detailed in the website.
5.4 Each Entry must be accompanied by a copy of the completed Entry Form and the outside of the container containing the Entry must show the company name and address of the Entrant.
5.5 The Entrant will be responsible for all delivery charges, taxes, (save as set out in clause 5.6), customs duty, insurances and storage. All such charges must be paid by the Entrant in advance of receipt of the Entry by HK IWSC.
5.6 The Entries will be transported at the Entrant’s risk and it will be the Entrant’s responsibility to arrange adequate insurance. HK IWSC will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Entries whatsoever whilst the Entries are in the possession of the Entrant, or at any stage during the delivery process.
5.7 Title in the Entries will pass to HK IWSC upon receipt of the Entry to HK IWSC’s storage facility.
5.8 HK IWSC will not be responsible to the Entrant for any loss or damage to the Entries whatsoever, whilst in HK IWSC’s possession prior to or during the Competition.
5.9 In the event of loss or damage to the Entry, whilst in the possession of HK IWSC prior to the Competition, the Entrant will be required to submit a replacement Entry at their own expense.


6. The Competition

6.1 Where possible Entries will be judged in the category they have been entered into.
6.2 In the event of insufficient Entries in any particular category, Entries may, at HK IWSC’s discretion and without reference to the Entrant, be placed in another category.
6.3 The judging process will be entirely confidential and no details will be released concerning the judging process and reasoning. No feedback of any nature will be given.
6.4 The judges decisions will be final and will not be open to challenge.
6.5 Entrants will not have any involvement in the appointment of the judges.

7. Winners

7.1 Winning Entrants agree that they will take part in any publicity which is reasonably required by HK IWSC.
7.2 The names of all winners in all Classes will be published on completion of each Competition.
7.3 Publication will be in accordance with HK IWSC’s Marketing Strategy.
7.4 Winning Entrants agree that HK IWSC may publish details and particulars of the winning Entries in all Classes in accordance with its Marketing Strategy.
7.5 Entrants agree that HK IWSC may photograph and reproduce photographs of Entrants and/or winning Entries. HK IWSC warrant that they will obtain the necessary permissions and consents for the purposes of reproduction of photographs.
7.6 Entrants agree that they will only use HK IWSC’s name, logo and Winners Marketing Package to promote specific winning Entries and not to promote their whole range. Only the winning Entries may be promoted as winners of the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition awards.
7.7 Winning Entrants will cease to use the HK IWSC name, logo and Winner’s Marketing Package at any time upon 14 days notice from HK IWSC requiring them to do so.
7.8 Winning Entrants may publicise their award provided the year in which it was won is stated.
7.9 The HK IWSC logo is the property is HK IWSC and any unauthorised use, reproduced or alteration is strictly prohibited.

8. General

8.1 HK IWSC may vary these T&Cs at any time without notice to the Entrants. Any revision of these T&Cs will be placed upon the Website without notice to Entrants. In the event that the Entrant does not agree to be bound by any amended T&Cs, they must withdraw from the Competition.
8.2 All Data will be held on databases operated and maintained by Cathay Pacific Hong Kong IWSC. Such data will be used for the purposes of maintaining business contact records, updating Entrants on HK IWSC’s activities and for use upon the Website.
8.3 Notices shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand, facsimile or send by pre-paid first class post to Cathay Pacific Hong Kong IWSC at their head office address and to the Entrant at the address set out on the Entry Form. A notice sent by facsimile to the fax number of the relevant parties shall be deemed to have been received at the time of transmission. Notices shall not be valid if sent by email.
8.4 Any waiver by HK IWSC of a breach of any of the Entrant’s obligations under these T&Cs shall not amount to a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same obligation or any other obligation under these T&Cs.
8.5 Any breach of these T&Cs will result in the disqualification.
8.6 HK IWSC reserves the right to cancel the Competition at any stage, and for any reason including circumstances which are outside of HK IWSC ‘s control.
8.7 In the event of a dispute, HK IWSC’s decision will be final.
8.8 These T&Cs shall be governed by English law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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