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Green Award

How it works

The following criterions must be met in order to become eligible for the Green Award:

  1. Your winery must be certified by an official certification governing body
  2. Only wines that have won the Gold medal or Trophy in their respective categories will be eligible.
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Benefits for Award Winners

Green Award winners will receive:

  • An amazing exposure opportunity by having a double feature in HK IWSC's official results booklet, namely the results page and a special page for honorary Green Award recipients.
  • An opportunity to be highlighted in one of our monthly newsletters distributed to our vast reaching network. 
  • A free Green Award sticker artwork for your wineries own use.


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What is Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic ?

  • *Organic - grapes that are certified organic under the wine regions governing body. In general this means no synthetic pesticides, chemical herbicides, GMO's or additives may be used in production of these wines. In addition, there are no added sulphites though naturally occurring sulphites will still be present. 
  • *Sustainable - refers to a range of practices that are economically, environmentally and socially sound. The aim here is to have as little impact on the land as possible
  • *Biodynamic - refers to practices that create a self-sustaining system. Natural materials, soils and composts are used to sustain the vineyard. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden for the sake of soil fertility. 


Here are a few reasons why wineries are Going Green:

  • Long-term viability of land and business
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Strengthen the value of real estate
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Enhance relations with your community
  • Improve image with consumers and tourists
  • Augment relations with regulators and public policy institutions