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HK IWSC Beer Award

Crafted for Asia 

A collaboration between the established wine & spirit competition HK IWSC and BJCP professional judge community in Asia. Launched in 2019, the Beer Award answers to the trend of craft beer in both on- and off-trade sectors.

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Why Enter?

  • Be recognised by Asia’s top drinks experts
  • Reach 375,000 Asian and international contacts
  • Enjoy global PR communications
  • Benefit from exposures in HK IWSC events in Asia
  • Promote wins with free marketing and sales toolkit



The 7 major categories are:

  • Pale Lager
  • Wheat
  • Pale Ale
  • IPA
  • Porter/Stout
  • Sour
  • Specialty

Sub Categories

Please refer to BJCP Style Guide for description of styles


Judging Process

The process follows IWSC long-established system:

1/ Double blinded process

Both labels and bottles are hidden from judges. Only sample by glasses are presented to judges.

2/ Descriptors

Short descriptors about beers’ categories and style are listed on score sheets as cues to help with judges’ assessments. Samples would be judged as to how well they conform to the characteristics of their indicated style.

3/ Scoring

An overall score would be given to each sample according to aroma, appearance, flavour, mouthfeel and overall impression. The score ranges from zero to 100.


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The Best of Class: TROPHY

Samples with the highest mark in their respective categories are awarded trophies, unless the difference between the highest and the next highest mark is less than one point, in which case, related samples are re-tasted by the panel chair for trophies.

95 or above: GOLD

Outstanding example; the benchmark of the style. Equivalent to “Outstanding” level of Beer Judge Certificate Program (BJCP)

90 or above: SILVER

Fine example, excellent quality without flaws. It is between “Excellent” and “Outstanding” levels of BJCP.

85 or above: BRONZE

Good example, well above average and without flaws. It reaches the “Excellent” level of BJCP.

Below 85: From minor flaws to problematic, samples are not eligible for medals in HK IWSC


Medal Winners

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