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Judges Q & A with Timothy Goh

What will you be looking out for at this year’s competition?
I’m excited to see how much improvement there has been with places like Georgia, South Africa and China etc. Always look forward to these wines and have been very happy to see them entering the competition every year. 
Are there any trends that are standing out for you in Asia at the moment?
While still very diverse, there seems to be a growing interest in Burgundies which is still very persistent. However, Bordeaux has said to have taken a step back since China has reduced purchases, but ironically, that seems to be coming back up. Still on China, i think everyone is awaiting to see more quality wines coming out. I think there's a very curious market out there.
What is it about the HKIWSC that makes it stand out from other competitions?
That the wines are tasted by a group of very demanding professionals in the trade, and opinions are discussed and debated just for the sake of picking out a well made wine for the market. It is then vetted by another layer of panel judges to stream line the selection. Not many competitions do that. 
Judges Q & A with Timothy Goh

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