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Tersina Shieh

Speciality Wine
FromHong Kong
CompanyTersina Shieh
PositionWine Marketer/Columnist/Winemaker

A marketer turned winemaker, Tersina’s mission is to promote wine culture in Hong Kong and China, explaining wine in a no-nonsense way and inspiring the average consumer to appreciate and enjoy it. She makes wine, organises wine events, judges wine, writes about wine, and is passionate about wine.

Tersina Shieh

" As I'm a qualified winemaker and will have just finished my gap year of making wine around the world (in seven countries) before judging, I would like to share with other judges the many techniques of winemaking I learned and help them appreciate the many wine styles made in various climatic regions.”

“My favorite parts of HK IWSC are the networking with other fellow judges and the interaction with consumers at Test Your Palate wine tasting event.”

“HK IWSC is in its 10th year and I believe more consumers are recognising it as a reputable competiton. I also notice that more wineries, especially those in the New World, are using their HK IWSC medals to promote wine, further demonstrating the creditbility of this competition."