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Shipping can be arranged in one of the following ways:

1. Group Shipping

Through our local shipping agents (listed below by country)

2. Distributor

Through distributor in Asia. Please note that tax and duties maybe applied to re-export to Hong Kong

3. Independent

You can make arrangements independently, please note you will be responsible for all costs, taxes and duties

Group Shipping


CountryOffice (cities)Delivery
Fee(per entry)*
- first 3 bottles of the same entry
- each additional bottle of the same entry
New ZealandAuckland28 AugustHKD650 / USD84HKD150 / USD19.2Refer to Instructions - New Zealand

How to Register?

  • Add an entry in your account
  • At step 6 of the entry process, check "I want to include Group Shipping offer..."
  • After all entries registration completed, make payment to confirm the order
  • If you entered also Asian Food Pairing categories, additional bottles and therefore, extra group shipping fee will be incurred (based on above reference price). However, you do not need to pay the extra fee immediately. We will calculate the fee and provide a seperate invoice.
  • Once payment completed, you can send bottles to your nearest offices


  • Fees are not applicable to oversized item (above 750ml per bottle). Please consult HK IWSC before delivery (email:
  • Fee is due immediately upon registration. 
  • Samples will be discarded if payment cannot be settled before Delivery Deadlines 
  • All European offices accept shipment from their surrounding countries

Instructions - New Zeland

Producers must adhere this label to all cases they are dispatching to us and add their producer’s name and order id to the label. Please note the warehouse cannot accept personal deliveries. The delivery must be completed by an official courier/transport company such as Post Haste, NZ Couriers, etc.

Independent Shipping

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